Great review of ‘O’

O - part two of L.O.V.E
O - part two of L.O.V.E
'A - Part Two of H.A.T.E'
‘A – Part Two of H.A.T.E’

On Thursday we’re releasing not one but two EPs! ‘V – Part Three of L.O.V.E’ is the most electronica I’ve ever been thanks to producer Janne Manninen, and ‘A – Part Two of L.O.V.E’ is the most hard rock my songs have ever been thanks to Swedish metal band G.A.I.N. (you can buy them both here! )

Speaking of EPs I just got a nice review from Swedish rock music site Hallowed on my second EP ‘O’. Daniel K√§llman who wrote it seems to be into singer/songwriters so I hope he won’t get a total chock when he hears ‘V’ ūüôā Here’s what he thought about ‘O’

“This EP is just absolutely fantastic in its best moments. Sure if you are a narrow minded typical metalhead you will probably not like this album but then again you will probably have stopped reading after singer-songwriter anyway. For all of us who like music however, this EP is a real treat.”

Read more in Swedish HERE!

Read more in English HERE!