New video for ‘Delusional’

Hurra Hurra! I’m celebrating that we reached 100% on the pledge by releasing the video for ‘Delusional’ – the first single from ‘V – Part Three of L.O.V.E‘. Thank you so much all of you that have helped us finish yet another EP in the L.O.V.E saga! This week I’ll start printing tees and posters and all the other stuff that you ordered. I hope you like this EP as much as the previous ones 🙂

This awesome video is made by Martin Obert who filmed, edited and did all the shadow puppets by himself! I’m so glad to present to you ‘Delusional’:

4 Replies to “New video for ‘Delusional’”

  1. I love the percussive elements here… a really great tempo that moves my entire body… very open and bright… I LOVE it!!  .  There is another instrument I don’t recognize… it gives a nice counterpoint.

    And of course.. .the vocals… your voice is beautiful and pure… the lyrics mesmerizing.  And, I love the imagery in the video.

    This is incredible, Sofia… absolutely amazing!! Love… love… love!!

    1. Yeah, I love the shadow puppets. The story I’m told, is about this dog that get sentenced to jail and gets help from his friends to break out. 🙂

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