That song you like is coming back in style


“Diane, I have important news! There is a special Twin Peaks sale going on.”

So Twin Peaks is returning after 25 years. This calls for a celebration so I decided to give all of you Twin Peaks fans out there 20% off my Twin Peaks inspired albums “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” and “There’s a Man In a Smiling Bag“. Just put in twinpeaks in one word at check out. The discount is valid until November 1st, so head over to my shop and pick up the albums before you order that cherry pie.

The Owls Are Not What They Seem
The Owls Are Not What They Seem
There's a Man in a Smiling Bag - Sofia Talvik
There’s a Man in a Smiling Bag – Sofia Talvik


Like A Bonfire

Sofia Talvik - Like a Bonfire demo

I’m still recording demos for the new album in my Berlin bedroom recording studio. This is a short song that will need some work in the production stage later on. If you want to support independent music and help me out making this new album feel free to hit the donate button on the top of this post. You can decide for yourself if you think this video and song is worth as much as a coffee at Starbucks, or a gym card or maybe even more. You can also decide your own contribution. Anything will help me get to the finished product 🙂

Summer sale

Need a nice soundtrack to your summer vacation? Well isn’t this your lucky day!

Inspired by Mr Selfridge himself (but I guess everyone is doing it nowadays…) I decided to put on summer sale so that you can stock up on all the albums you haven’t already got.

Just go to the shop page and browse through the albums, you can listen to them before you decide. Then use the code “SUMMER14” at check-out and – voila! you just saved yourself a whole lotta money that you can now spend on ice-cream!

summer sale

LĂĽdenscheid Love

Sofia Talvik live in Stock, LĂĽdenscheid

Some write-ups from my show in LĂĽdenscheid on Valentines day!

Sofia Talvik live in Stock, LĂĽdenscheid
Sofia Talvik live in Stock, LĂĽdenscheid (photo Jonas Westin)

Unser LĂĽnche

Unser LĂĽnsche
Unser LĂĽnsche

“In der gemĂĽtlichen Kneipe bleiben fĂĽr einige Minuten die Uhren stehen und selbst die dumpfen Beats einer Abi-Feier nebenan scheinen demĂĽtig zu verebben, als die Sängerin die Ballade „Min Ros, Min Lilja“ intoniert. Wunderwunderschön.”

New album out soon!

Folk by Sofia Talvik

I’m so happy to announce that I will be releasing an extended EP in March! Pre-orders are up now!

Folk by Sofia Talvik
Folk by Sofia Talvik

In Swedish ”folk music” means ”traditional music”. If you play ”folk” in Sweden, you are most likely a whiz at the key-harp or the violin. For many years I’ve been a part of the folk scene, in the non traditional sense, and finally I thought I’d try to combine the two in a new way. 

These are 6 old traditional Swedish folk songs in a more modern clothing. Bringing in musicians from Germany as well as Sweden, mixing it up with my own sound and my own visions, I combined the beauty of the old with the beauty of the new. The result is this extended EP – ”Folk”. 

The name rings true in both Swedish and English, stating the new and the traditional genre but also brings in the meaning of the Swedish word which is ”people”. This is an album for the people. I hope you like it!

Pre-order the album here!