Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet lists my online shows on their best of the year list

U.S correspondent, music and sports writer Per Bjurman of Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet has released his best of the year list. The list that covers everything from Albums to TV-shows lists artists such as Taylor Swift and Lori McKenna. Under the category “other” Bjurman is listing my online Quarantine Concerts, as the only online concert series of the list.

Since March I have been streaming live as over 100 booked concerts have been canceled this year. I have streamed for Ines Festival, venues, and the Swedish Embassy in the U.S, and my latest Christmas Concert was co-hosted by over 20 venues and house concert hosts in the U.S and Europe. A big shout-out to all of you who have been tuning in and donating this year. Check out the latest stream here:

Video Premiere of “This Mess We’re In” and online Festival

I am super excited that MusicTap is doing an exclusive premiere of the video for my new Christmas single “This Mess We’re In” today!
Check it out here!

And for those of you who didn’t get enough of my livestreams yesterday, I am doing an online festival concert for Liverpool Sound City on December 15th, who are doing a Guest House take over! Four short & snappy sets from an all Swedish line-up including Melby, Tiny Fighter, Ignore the Elephant an moi Sofia Talvik, all presented by LIVE AT HEART & Liverpool Sound City.Four bands, 80 minutes, 1 night – bargain!
Go here for the concert! – https://guesthouselive.co.uk/

Can we fix “This Mess We’re In”?

As you might know I release a new original Christmas single each year. My Christmas songs are generally on the darker side, so 2020 did not pose any obstacles for achieving that this year. 

I think many artists including myself in the beginning of this pandemic thought that we’d finally have lots of time to create, something that can easily be pushed aside by a busy tour schedule a regular year. I also think that more artists than just me, then sat down with a deep sigh and no inspiration and no creative urge to do anything. Because touring, playing live and meeting people is what feeds inspiration, and we haven’t been able to do any of those things this year. 

So that is the grounds to this Christmas single, as well as reflection of the craziness of this whole year with people calling the pandemic a hoax, and the general fail of most of the world do handle it in a good way. All the while we have lots of other problems on this planet as well. So I guess you could call it a doomsday Christmas song, because why not, it’s 2020.

What I did have time to do this year was to put extra work into the production. When I initially started my tradition of Christmas songs, it was also a way for me to experiment and just have fun with the sound, and it didn’t have to follow the sound of my albums. But as years passed, my Christmas songs became just another part of my repertoire and lost their experimental flare. So this year I am bringing it back full whack with a big dream-folk production. I use 5 different guitars and a banjo on this track. I have brought in bass from Sweden (by Janne Manninen) and drums all the way from New Orleans (by Marc Pagani). 

As a bonus I have added a stripped down one guitar and vocals version, which is also part of a digital EP called “Notes For Christmas” with acoustic versions of my 2 latest Christmas singles as well as a traditional Swedish Christmas song performed in Swedish and German.

The single is a free download (or pay what you want if you are feeling generous), and the 4 track EP is $5 or pay what you want. I hope you will enjoy them both!

In the wake of canceled tours

I’ve been waiting and hoping for things to get better in the world. Instead it seems to only get worse. The virus is spreading faster and faster and it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce my U.S Fall tour canceled. I am trying my best to reschedule the concerts for 2021 and hope that I will see you then, healthy and hungry for live music.

In the meantime I have released a new unplugged version of my latest album Paws of a Bear. A huge thank you to everyone who have helped me out by ordering a CD or buying it digitally here: http://music.sofiatalvik.com

It is not easy being an artist these days, but I know that so many of you have also lost your income so I am not going to complain. We are in this together. I am so grateful that you are all listening, and that I have gotten some nice airplay and great reviews for Paws of a Bear Unplugged.

Here’s an unplugged video that I just recorded for you guys:

“A delightful companion piece and complement to the full studio recording, it’s most definitely one of those bear necessities. ” FolkRadio UK did an in depth review that you can read here: https://www.folkradio.co.uk/2020/07/sofia-talvik-paws-of-a-bear-unplugged/

“Det är en samling låtar som är personliga, ärliga och med ett vackert vemod som når ut till en bred publik.” (“A collection of songs that are personal, honest and has the ability to reach a wide audience with their beautiful melancholy.”) writes Swedish music magazine Tinsel. Read the full review here: https://magazine.tinselmusic.se/2020/07/22/albumrelease-sofia-talvik-paws-of-a-bear-unplugged/

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming dates in Germany in November and December. So far it still looks like these will be on as planned!

Stay Safe! /Sofia

New Album – Paws of a Bear – Unplugged

Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged

It’s here! Today I’m releasing a new album. It’s an unplugged version of Paws of a Bear.

Since my tours got shut down to Corona in March I have been doing regular online concerts. I’ve had several fans ask me if these will become available as downloads or CD, but I wanted to offer something of a better quality. So I have recorded all the songs from Paws of a Bear again, as acoustic one-takes with just vocals and guitar and put them on this album. The album also contains unplugged versions of my two latest new singles “Meanwhile in Winnsboro” and “Broken”.

Go listen to the album, it’s available on all major platforms, but if you want to continue to support more releases in the future please visit my shop and buy a signed CD directly from me.

Paws of a Bear – Unplugged

Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged

I really hope you will appreciate this album and help support my music. I hope to see more of you when I’m back on tour again. Stay safe out there!