Paws of a Bear is released to critical acclaim

PAws of a Bear Feature

My 8th studio album “Paws of a Bear” is finally released on all digital platforms as well as in physical form on my bandcamp site. If you’re on Spotify, please make sure you hit the save button, and add some of the songs to your favorite playlists!

Here is some recent praise from the media:

Paws of a Bear … appropriately, finds Talvik taking a more Americana-flavored approach after the more fully produced and psychedelic tinged predecessor.”

“This album is a calming, timeless, ageless, innocent and beautiful masterpiece.”
Robs Raw Music

“This album is solid gold from start to finish”
Americana Highways

“Talvik’s voice is a thing of thing of singular beauty.”
Goldmine Magazine

“Paws of a Bear” is a dark, yet whimsically romantic ride that hinges on Talvik’s crisp, soothing vocals that drive listeners into her transcendent and compelling lyrics.”
Cowboys & Indians Magazine

“Beautiful soundscapes of subtle, rootsy timbres that place the pristine storyteller’s voice at their center.”

“Talvik’s latest is just another entry in her lush, beautiful brand of Americana”
If it’s too loud

Blood Moon Video

The countdown for the new album has begun! In preparation I am super happy that Billboard made an exclusive premiere for my new video for “Blood Moon”, the second single from the new album. Now it’s time for me to share it here as well. I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to go to to sign up for the pre-order or buy the awesome thunderbird hat that I am wearing in the video.

Listen to the song here on spotify:

Paws of a Bear – Pre-Order up NOW!

PAws of a Bear Feature

My new album ”Paws of a Bear” will be released at the end of September and I am so excited to share the pre-order with you now. Except for digital album, CD and vinyl I’ve put up a number of fun items that you can get, exclusively now with the pre-order. 


Lots of artists run a crowdfunding campaign before they start recording their album, which leaves the backers waiting for months and months before they can get their perks. I decided to do it the other way around and take all the financial risk of the production, hoping that you guys instead would help me recoup some of it now that it is finished. That way you will get your order as soon as the album is released.

One thing that I am excited about is the custom painted hats that I’ve made. If you saw me on my latest U.S tour you might have noticed my pink snake hat. Lots of people came up and talked to me about the hat after the show, so I decided to make a variety of different hats with different patterns for you guys. I also made some of the hat-bands and swag for them. They all come with the new CD of course. But if hats is not your thing, there are plenty of other cool stuff to choose from.

Custom hats



I could tell you how great the new album is but I think I’ll leave it to PopMatters instead:

“A keen songwriter, the indie folk artist crafts beautiful soundscapes of subtle, rootsy timbres that place the pristine storyteller’s voice at their center. In this case of developing savvy arrangements that highlight her haunting vocals, the roots music that Talvik develops is of a similar tapestry to Joni Mitchell, tapping into that same knack for soul-stirring clarity and resonance. Between, however, is something of a different nature. Open-air production sets the scene for an evocative and atmospheric release from the Swedish folk artist, coming in the form of an upcoming album, Paws of a Bear.”

Get the new album as a pre-order on Indiegogo today!