U.S Tour 2023 / East to West and a Lil’ bit South

It’s time to brush off the snow from Lil’ Chief and hit the road. Actually I don’t think snow will be the problem in July, the problem will be keeping cool.

We are heading out for a 4 month tour all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast and into CA and AZ. It will be a lot of shows and I hope to see you at any of them. Many of the shows already have tickets for sale, and if you want to come see me I would suggest buying your ticket as soon as possible.

Go HERE to find where I am playing close to you, and don’t forget to let your friends know as well!

Snowman – New Annual Christmas Single 2022

Sofia Talvik - Snowman - Cover

Merry Christmas! As per my tradition to release a Christmas single every year, today I give you ”Snowman”. “Snowman” is a song that plays out like a horror story about an evil stalking snowman, but you can read more into the story if you like. Funnily enough I just watched the new Elvis move the other week and if you have seen it you know that it also is the story of an evil snowman (not Elvis, but his manager), so that is proof they are really out there! Check out the cool artwork that is made by an AI!


The Christmas single is as always a free download but you can also pay what you want, if you want to buy me some eggnog. Help me spread the word by adding it to your playlists and sharing it with your friends. That will be the best Christmas present for me.
If you want to get more than just a single, check out my Christmas album ”When Winter Comes” that I released in 2017. But Christmas songs never get old right! “When Winter Comes” is as usual available in a special gift version with hand made lacquer seal, lyric book and organza bag, or just as a plain CD with a sparkling cover. I will be shipping until Christmas, but please know that I have no control of how fast the post office reindeers are, so the earlier you order the sooner it will get to you.

Sofia Talvik - Snowman - Cover

Too Many Churches no 3 on Folk Radio Charts

I’m overwhelmed by the great response I’ve been getting for my latest single “Too Many Churches”. A huge thank you to all DJs that have been spinning it. It is now charting as no 3 on Folk Radio USA. Thank you also to all wonderful emails I’ve gotten from all fans that have supported the song.

“As a matter of fact, it’s brilliant.” – Artie Martello – Mostly Folk, Catskill Mountains NY

“Such a powerful song.” – Jim Marino, Freewheelin’ Folk Show 93.3 CFMU

“Lovely, poignant and timed perfectly. (..) There is a wonderful “Simon & Garfunkel” quality to the phrasing and sound, very timeless, comforting and lonely all at once.” – Joe Vincenza, WUWF Public Media, Pensacola

“A great song both timely and timeless.” – Ron Cooke, Music They Don’t Want You to Hear

Download here: https://music.sofiatalvik.com/track/too-many-churches

Too Many Churches released today

Today I’m releasing my new single “Too Many Churches”. The song came to me as I learned about the Supreme Court in the USA overturning Roe v Wade. For those of you who are not American and don’t know what this means – it basically means many women in the U.S lost their right to a safe legal abortion. I am of the opinion that if you have a voice you should use it. I am using mine now. 

Although I myself is not a believer in a higher being, I respect all peoples religious beliefs, as long as they are not forcing them on to someone else. This song highlights what happens when you do. This is not about beliefs, it’s about using political power to suppress women’s rights. 

I’m very grateful for the instant stream of appreciation I have received for this song already. The track was premiered in Acoustic Review today 


And has been well received by radio DJs in the USA:

“As a matter of fact, it’s brilliant.” – Artie Martello – Mostly Folk, Catskill Mountains NY

“Such a powerful song.” – Jim Marino, Freewheelin’ Folk Show 93.3 CFMU

“Lovely, poignant and timed perfectly. (..) There is a wonderful “Simon & Garfunkel” quality to the phrasing and sound, very timeless, comforting and lonely all at once.” – Joe Vincenza, WUWF Public Media, Pensacola

“A great song both timely and timeless.” – Ron Cooke, Music They Don’t Want You to Hear

Check out the lyric video here:

And go to http://music.sofiatalvik.com to stream and download this track. As of now I have decided to keep it off the major streaming platforms so you can only get it on my own page. 

Thank you for listening. 


Summer Sale and New U.S Tour Dates

It’s almost time for my Fall upwards Tour. Fall because it’s in the Fall and upwards because I’m going north. But the world does seem a bit upside down so that fits as well. 

I have a bunch of dates booked all the way from Alabama up to northern Michigan, over to the east coast and down to Maryland. 

As I noticed on my US tour this spring, things aren’t quite back to normal. Venues are still half full and many have closed down completely. Another thing is that the gas prices aren’t getting any better, and we only get 12mpg with Lil’Chief – so budget is tight! To make things worse plane tickets are about $1000 per person for the return trip. 

I’m not going to lie to you, this all stresses me out. Touring is what pays my bills, or is supposed to anyway, so being a couple of thousand dollars in the red before I even start the tour is scary. So to lessen the load a little bit, I decided to have sort of a fundraising sale in my music store http://music.sofiatalvik.com

From July 1-24th I will have a site wide discount of 20% (which is the total amount of states I will be playing in on this trip). So if you want to support my tour, head over to https://music.sofiatalvik.com and pick up some digital or physical albums. Use the discount code: Fall at checkout to get your discount, and remember many of the releases are pay what you want, so you can set your own price.

For all physical purchases I will also include a little gift.

All physical albums will be sent before the 24th of July. Digital albums are instant.

Another thing that really helps in times like these are to go to concerts. Buying tickets in advance, or reserving a seat is key to make the tour successful. I have artist friends who had the venue cancel their show due to low advance ticket sales, so if you are planning to go, don’t wait, get your ticket today. Consider inviting your friends, or why not buy them a ticket as a gift. It’s a win for all of us, the more the merrier.

Here are all the upcoming tour dates, I hope to see you on the road.