Why the Grammy for Best Folk Album should not go to an American this year.

Of course there are so many deserving artists being considered for the Grammy Nomination for best Folk Album, but here is why you should know about – and support Swedish artist Sofia Talvik.

* Standing up for women’s rights! – Sofia’s single Too Many Churches charted as #3 on Folk Radio Charts USA when it was released. This powerful song is about the overturning of Roe v Wade and how it effects all women, both in the USA and in Europe.

* Taking a stance against war and discrimination! – Sofia’s single Circle of Destruction charted as #9 on Folk Radio Charts USA and is a real protest song, like plucked from Laurel Canyon 1970. 

“Too few artists today offer protest material, but Talvik seems to have picked up the mantle from singer/songwriters like Joan Baez, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Pete Seeger”
– Americana Highways

“Sofia Talvik’s anti-war stance, “Circle of Destruction,” is an exception. Here is a gorgeously performed song about the inevitable annihilation of a war-torn world, and yet, few artists feel inspired to write their own. While we should be ashamed of having so few protest singers, we should be glad of Talvik’s efforts.”
– Alt77

Highlighting the missing children of America! – The title track “Center of the Universe” tells the tale of all the missing children and young adults in America. In her video she is using the pictures of the recently missing in an effort to further spread them for a chance of their recovery.

After numerous tours through 48 of the U.S states, she has a unique perspective of an outsider getting included and immersed in what is America today. The new album was just released less than 2 months ago. If you are a voting member, please consider supporting Sofia in getting the nomination for best folk album. If you are not, please help us spread the word of this deserving artist.