European release April 14th

Big Sky Country Cover Art


Because Europe is always one step ahead with the hip and cool 😉 we are also releasing Big Sky Country a little bit earlier than in the U.S and Canada. From today, April 14th you can order signed copies of the CD in my shop (click here). If you are waiting for the U.S release you’ll have to wait two more weeks until April 28th, and then the CD as well as downloads will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and select stores.

Vinyls are being pressed as I write this and will be available from late May. This is due to the long production time for making vinyl.

If you want to pick up a t-shirt, sticker, tote bag or coffee mug you can head over to my collection of Big Sky Country prints here!

Big Sky Country print for tees, mugs, totes etc
Big Sky Country print for tees, mugs, totes etc



In the studio – Day 1


My guitar player Marcus Högquist came down to Berlin from Stockholm the other day and we’ve been in the Mahoni studio to record some guitar. Here’s a glimpse from the recording and some of my new songs. I’m not doing a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding project for the album, but if you feel like you want to support indie music there is another way of doing this. Read more about my new donation system here! Or watch the two minute video by clicking here!  And if you want to help out with the making of the new album feel free to click the donate button at the top of this post.

A huge thanks to Mathis for all the help with recording and for inviting us into his studio! Visit his website here.

New album out soon!

Folk by Sofia Talvik

I’m so happy to announce that I will be releasing an extended EP in March! Pre-orders are up now!

Folk by Sofia Talvik
Folk by Sofia Talvik

In Swedish ”folk music” means ”traditional music”. If you play ”folk” in Sweden, you are most likely a whiz at the key-harp or the violin. For many years I’ve been a part of the folk scene, in the non traditional sense, and finally I thought I’d try to combine the two in a new way. 

These are 6 old traditional Swedish folk songs in a more modern clothing. Bringing in musicians from Germany as well as Sweden, mixing it up with my own sound and my own visions, I combined the beauty of the old with the beauty of the new. The result is this extended EP – ”Folk”. 

The name rings true in both Swedish and English, stating the new and the traditional genre but also brings in the meaning of the Swedish word which is ”people”. This is an album for the people. I hope you like it!

Pre-order the album here!

Drivin’ & Dreaming – The Recipes

Kickass Trips just wrote about my kickass U.S tour Drivin’ & Dreaming. Check it out here!

Kickass trips about Drivin' & Dreaming
Kickass trips about Drivin’ & Dreaming

If you missed out on my “big” book about the tour, you can now get the mini version with all the recipes and some of the stories for just 12$! And you get a free album download included in the price too!

Drivin' & Dreaming - the recipes
Drivin’ & Dreaming – the recipes

Sweden’s foodie magazine “Allt om Mat” also loved the book! Read their blog post about it here (in Swedish).