My Christmas singles in the press

Amelia Christmas

Every year I release a Christmas single, and sometimes it takes a while for them to become a Christmas classic ūüėČ but you know they have when Sweden’s biggest women’s magazine Amelia writes about them in their Christmas edition.

Amelia Christmas
Amelia Christmas


“Christmas eve 2012 ¬†turned out exactly like we had hoped. A day filled with candlelight, great Christmas music (Michael Bubl√©’s album “Christmas” and Sofia Talvik’s Christmas single “Snowy White River” played on repeat), excited children, happy parents, good food. (…)” Editor Jenny Oscarsson writes in her column.¬†

This year’s Christmas single is just released but some blogs have already picked it up, amongst them German blog “Lie in the sound“. “One of the most beautiful Christmas tradition for us is the annual Christmas single by¬†Sofia Talvik¬†.” they write, and the blog Christmas A Go Go! seconds by writing “Leave it to German blog¬†Lie in the Sound¬†to cherrypick the bestest new Christmas releases. Like this beautiful track by Sofia Talvik“.¬†

Stubby’s House of Christmas writes:

“Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik offers up a free Christmas song every year. And pretty much every year, I declare that “this is her best yet” or that “this is my absolute favorite.” Well, “A Berlin Christmas Tale” is Sofia’s best Christmas song yet and my absolute favorite. Sofia has explored a lot of different musical styles in the past, but “A Berlin Christmas Tale” returns Sofia–with the enrichment of all her musical experimentation and time on the road–to the Sofia I was originally drawn to…the Folk Pop artist who paints pictures with her music, words, and voice–pictures so clear and alive that you experience them yourself.”

Sofia in German news!

Want to catch up on Sofia’s latest ventures in Germany? here’s some interviews and radio shows.

Sofia live on Mädchen Radio, with host Silvia Hanz, November 16th.

Sofia Talvik live on Mädchen Radio in Berlin, Germany (in English and German)
Sofia Talvik live on Mädchen Radio in Berlin, Germany (in English and German)

Review from Sofia’s gig at Caf√© Haag in T√ľbingen on KunstKultur Blog, click to read¬†(in German)

Sofia Talvik on Kunsttour blog
Sofia Talvik on Kunsttour blog

Interview on “das (#) und noch viel mehr”, click to read (in German)

Interview with Sofia talvik on "das (#) und noch viel mehr | von jörgen camrath"
Interview with Sofia talvik on “das (#) und noch viel mehr | von j√∂rgen camrath”

New album out now!

Drivin' & Dreaming LIVE
Drivin' & Dreaming LIVE
Drivin’ & Dreaming LIVE

I’m happy to announce that my new album “Drivin’ & Dreaming LIVE” is now released!¬†

We recorded almost all of the 250+ shows on the tour and have chosen the best of the best to be featured on this live album. If you weren’t able to make it to any of the concerts, here’s your chance to experience it, just like you were there in the room with me.

All the recordings on the live album were recorded with room microphones and direct sound from the board. The final product is a high-quality live album mixed and mastered from these source recordings.

Drivin & Dreaming LIVE

You can order your copy here:

Signed album: $15
Download: $7

Original “Jonestown”-album up for sale

So my “Jonestown” album has been out of stock for a while, since we sold out on the Drivin’ & Dreaming tour, and when I was touring the US I could only offer a “light” version of the CD without booklet, which also sold out. ūüėģ

But guess what!

A box of the original print of the Jonestown album, complete with an 8 page booklet featuring all the lyrics has materialized in my basement and is just waiting for you to take it home! So go here to get your copy of my best selling album today, but hurry, there is only a limited number!

Get your hands on one of these babies today!
Get your hands on one of these babies today!

Go here to order:

Thank you!

Drivin' & Dreaming - THE BOOK & CD

Two months ago I put up a Kickstarter project for a live album and a book about the US tour “Drivin’ & Dreaming”. I didn’t know if any of you would be interested in reading about it, after all, I posted a lot on Facebook and my website along the way. But not only did you show me that you wanted to read more about it, you showed me that you support me in what I do and want me to keep on doing it!

The book and the album was funded within 24 hours and now that the project is closed we almost tripled our goal. This has helped me to expand the book from the original planned 200 pages to 300 pages, filled with stories, pictures and recipes – and believe me I could have filled 1000, but 300 is not bad either. So this is me saying THANK YOU for your support, on the tour and now – after the tour.

The whole thing was such an amazing experience and I got to relive it all through making this book. I hope you will feel like it was you going on tour when you read it, and I hope you will love every story just as much as I love them and try all the recipes (especially the Swedish ones).

Some final editing is left for me to do before I send it off to the printer and it should be ready to ship to you in September. I hope you all have enjoyed your digital bonus album and have checked out the videos for all the songs ( 

If you haven’t watched it already, here’s the video diary I did while on the tour, ten episodes of gigs, driving, breaking down and having fun:

Well, I suppose I need to get to work finishing all so you can get your goodies ūüėČ

Thanks once again for your immense support!