My Christmas singles in the press

Every year I release a Christmas single, and sometimes it takes a while for them to become a Christmas classic ūüėČ but you know they have when Sweden’s biggest women’s magazine Amelia writes about them in their Christmas edition.

Amelia Christmas
Amelia Christmas


“Christmas eve 2012 ¬†turned out exactly like we had hoped. A day filled with candlelight, great Christmas music (Michael Bubl√©’s album “Christmas” and Sofia Talvik’s Christmas single “Snowy White River” played on repeat), excited children, happy parents, good food. (…)” Editor Jenny Oscarsson writes in her column.¬†

This year’s Christmas single is just released but some blogs have already picked it up, amongst them German blog “Lie in the sound“. “One of the most beautiful Christmas tradition for us is the annual Christmas single by¬†Sofia Talvik¬†.” they write, and the blog Christmas A Go Go! seconds by writing “Leave it to German blog¬†Lie in the Sound¬†to cherrypick the bestest new Christmas releases. Like this beautiful track by Sofia Talvik“.¬†

Stubby’s House of Christmas writes:

“Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik offers up a free Christmas song every year. And pretty much every year, I declare that “this is her best yet” or that “this is my absolute favorite.” Well, “A Berlin Christmas Tale” is Sofia’s best Christmas song yet and my absolute favorite. Sofia has explored a lot of different musical styles in the past, but “A Berlin Christmas Tale” returns Sofia–with the enrichment of all her musical experimentation and time on the road–to the Sofia I was originally drawn to…the Folk Pop artist who paints pictures with her music, words, and voice–pictures so clear and alive that you experience them yourself.”