Snowman – New Annual Christmas Single 2022

Sofia Talvik - Snowman - Cover

Merry Christmas! As per my tradition to release a Christmas single every year, today I give you ”Snowman”. “Snowman” is a song that plays out like a horror story about an evil stalking snowman, but you can read more into the story if you like. Funnily enough I just watched the new Elvis move the other week and if you have seen it you know that it also is the story of an evil snowman (not Elvis, but his manager), so that is proof they are really out there! Check out the cool artwork that is made by an AI!


The Christmas single is as always a free download but you can also pay what you want, if you want to buy me some eggnog. Help me spread the word by adding it to your playlists and sharing it with your friends. That will be the best Christmas present for me.
If you want to get more than just a single, check out my Christmas album ”When Winter Comes” that I released in 2017. But Christmas songs never get old right! “When Winter Comes” is as usual available in a special gift version with hand made lacquer seal, lyric book and organza bag, or just as a plain CD with a sparkling cover. I will be shipping until Christmas, but please know that I have no control of how fast the post office reindeers are, so the earlier you order the sooner it will get to you.

Sofia Talvik - Snowman - Cover

An alternative Christmas playlist

Are you a fan of the old Dean Martin Christmas songs? I am too. I think it adds to the Christmas mood … for about a day or two, and then I want to hear something else, something christmassy, but in a different style. So I put together a Spotify playlist with some of my favorite alternative Christmas folk songs, a mix of Calexico, Neko Case, Sufjan Stevens … Just in case you want to mix up your Dean Martin with something more contemporary. Feel free to subscribe to the list and share it with your friends. And have a Folky Christmas!


And here’s a T-shirt to go with the music! Go HERE to order! (Also available as cups, pillows, totes etc)


Cold Cold Feet – Free Christmas Single

It’s that time of year again. That time when I look out through my bedroom window and see the snow falling white and thick, like an extra curtain cutting me off from the world, making me want to stay inside all day. So today I decided that everyone, including me, need a little cheer-me-up and therefore I present to you my new free Christmas single. It’s not really cheery, as you know by now if you’ve followed my tradition of writing Christmas songs. But it’s for free, and that’s always nice, right? Correction… free or pay what you want. So if you do have heaps of money over and want to throw them at me I won’t say no to that. This song after all is about the working woman, trying to make ends meet. It’s a tribute to all working women and single mothers out there. Everyone counting their cents and dimes for Christmas, making the best out of what they’ve got.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and don’t forget – sharing is caring!

And a big thank you to my wonderful musicians Hanna, Joakim and Janne for playing on the song!

Written by Sofia Talvik. Vocals and guitar: Sofia Talvik. Violin: Hanna Ekström. Drums: Joakim Lundgren. Bass: Janne Manninen.
Produced and mixed by Sofia Talvik. Mastered by Jonas Westin.

Christmas specials in the shop

Ho ho ho! It’s not even Thanksgiving, but Christmas is just around the corner and with the reindeer being so slow these days you might want to order your Christmas presents in good time before Christmas. So this year I have some really great gift packs in my new shop, and you can of course combine it with other stuff that you find there.

I have two different Christmas gift packs which both include a bag of my home-made Swedish christmas toffee (yum yum) and some new prints for t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags and pillows that will make your Christmas even more Christmassy. Of course the gift packs also include a download of my new Christmas single.

Visit my shop HERE!

A Swede Christmas - gift pack
A Swede Christmas – gift pack

Christmas single in the making

So for you who know me, you know I write a new Christmas single every year that I release as a free download to all of you. And this year is no different. I already written the song and am in the stages of recording it so that you all can enjoy it in time for Christmas. I’m also very excited to announce that I will make a video for the single this year.

Here is a little snippet from me recording the guitar and vocals, if you like what I’m doing and want to support me in the recordings, feel free to click the donate button at the top of this page and donate a coffee or something else.