Cold Cold Feet – Free Christmas Single

It’s that time of year again. That time when I look out through my bedroom window and see the snow falling white and thick, like an extra curtain cutting me off from the world, making me want to stay inside all day. So today I decided that everyone, including me, need a little cheer-me-up and therefore I present to you my new free Christmas single. It’s not really cheery, as you know by now if you’ve followed my tradition of writing Christmas songs. But it’s for free, and that’s always nice, right? Correction… free or pay what you want. So if you do have heaps of money over and want to throw them at me I won’t say no to that. This song after all is about the working woman, trying to make ends meet. It’s a tribute to all working women and single mothers out there. Everyone counting their cents and dimes for Christmas, making the best out of what they’ve got.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and don’t forget – sharing is caring!

And a big thank you to my wonderful musicians Hanna, Joakim and Janne for playing on the song!

Written by Sofia Talvik. Vocals and guitar: Sofia Talvik. Violin: Hanna Ekström. Drums: Joakim Lundgren. Bass: Janne Manninen.
Produced and mixed by Sofia Talvik. Mastered by Jonas Westin.