Snowman – New Annual Christmas Single 2022

Merry Christmas! As per my tradition to release a Christmas single every year, today I give you ”Snowman”. “Snowman” is a song that plays out like a horror story about an evil stalking snowman, but you can read more into the story if you like. Funnily enough I just watched the new Elvis move the other week and if you have seen it you know that it also is the story of an evil snowman (not Elvis, but his manager), so that is proof they are really out there! Check out the cool artwork that is made by an AI!


The Christmas single is as always a free download but you can also pay what you want, if you want to buy me some eggnog. Help me spread the word by adding it to your playlists and sharing it with your friends. That will be the best Christmas present for me.
If you want to get more than just a single, check out my Christmas album ”When Winter Comes” that I released in 2017. But Christmas songs never get old right! “When Winter Comes” is as usual available in a special gift version with hand made lacquer seal, lyric book and organza bag, or just as a plain CD with a sparkling cover. I will be shipping until Christmas, but please know that I have no control of how fast the post office reindeers are, so the earlier you order the sooner it will get to you.

Sofia Talvik - Snowman - Cover