Christmas gift of the year!

Ho ho ho! everyone! It’s December and I’m sure you’re starting to feel the stress of Christmas shopping coming creeping up on you. What should I buy? Do I have to venture out in the sea of millions of other sweaty stressed out Christmas shoppers?

Well I will make it easy for you! I put together a special Christmas package for you this year that is perfect for anyone who loves music and food – and who doesn’t? 

Christmas Cookbook

This summer I wrote a book about all my adventures on my Drivin’ & Dreaming tour, driving through 37 states in an old RV. Now I gathered all the recipes and a few of the stories into a little pocket sized cookbook. The book is all about how to eat well – cooking in a small kitchen, with few ingredients without even breaking a sweat. And you don’t need an RV to cook the food, although it is the perfect size to bring in the camper or tour bus. I even threw in a few Swedish recipes in there, like Swedish meatballs, pancakes and a recipe for the most Christmassy drink ever: Swedish Glögg! And best of all, you will get your own soundtrack for free with the book, the album “There’s A Man In A Smiling Bag” which is all the songs from “The Owls Are Not What They Seem” recorded live in outdoors locations all over the U.S – in the desert, at the beach in CA, in a cemetery in Florida and in the woods in WA…

So you can either make it easy for yourself and save a buck on ordering the Christmas package with the “Driving & Dreaming – The Recipes” book + a digital download of the album “There’s A Man In A Smiling Bag” + the new live album “Drivin’ & Dreaming LIVE” for just $20 (Saving $9)! Or you can order just the book for $12 and I will throw in the download album as a bonus because I’m feeling the Christmas spirit coming on (or maybe I just had too much Glögg).


Happy shopping my friends!

*We will of course run to the post office and ship your order immediately when you place it, but we can’t guarantee that the Deutsche post and USPS are quite as efficient as we are, so make sure you order in good time to get your presents before Christmas.