Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar 2012 #10

Sofia Talvik's Xmas Calendar, window 10
Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar, window 10

I think Christmas is a time to give and to help. Thats why I decided today’s window is going to be a benefit concert to help raise awareness for Autism. And you can help too by buying a ticket. It’s whatever you can afford to pay. It will be an online concert so that you can watch wherever you are in the world and will be aired at 6pm PST. Make sure you log in ahead of time to purchase your ticket. Click here to go to the concert page! And I will of course be playing the new Christmas single “One Last Wish For Christmas”. Get it here if you haven’t downloaded it already.

Artists for Autism Awareness is a non-profit to benefit people with autism through research, outreach and awareness, music therapy and family services. Acoustic for Autism is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based project comprised of talented and caring musicians, artists, audio engineers, producers and music industry executives. Everyone involved with the Acoustic for Autism project donates 100% of their time, services and talents to help the cause. All proceeds from this performance will be donated to autism charities.

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