Mini Documentary about Center of the Universe

I was so lucky to be able to fulfill my vision when making my new album Center of the Universe. I really wanted the process to be as organic and natural as possible, to be far away from distractions, and to let the songs come to life through the sound and heartbeat of all musicians in one room at the same time.

We captured some of the time we spent in the studio and turned it into a mini documentary with commentary on my thoughts, the production and the backstory behind some of the songs. As the album has gained so many wonderful reviews, been considered for a Grammy Nomination in the category Best Folk Album, and has been hanging on to Folk Radio Charts USA all Fall of 2023, I now think it’s time to release the mini documentary to the world. Come with us into the studio in Sulegång.

“The fact is, this is an album so captivating and compelling each offering begs repeated listens in order to fully appreciate their celestial sounds. A masterwork flush with both ambition and intrigue, Center of the Universe could be considered a musical marvel.”

The Alternate Root Magazine, The Spotlight Column
Sofia Talvik – Center of the Universe Documentary

Live at Liberty Arts

When it’s a rainy day and the tour is nearing its end, it’s nice to look back at some of your favorite shows. My pedal steel player Tim Fleming joined me for a week in Tennessee for Americana Fest at the beginning of this tour and one of our shows was captured on video. Here we are performing at Liberty Arts Center. Thank you so much to Pie for inviting us to play and to the wonderful camera team!

The Open Stage Berlin

I’m featured on The Open Stage Berlin this week.

At the end of the summer, my guitarist Marcus was visiting me here in Berlin and The Open Stage Berlin invited us to do a recording of a song. They make live videos with artists around Berlin. This was shot at Museum Insel (Museum Island). I chose one of the songs from my upcoming album “Give Me A Home”.

Check it out on their website (and many more artist videos) here! Or below.

Welcome into the studio

When you make a crowfunding project, one of the steps is to make updates about your progress. Well, my donation system is not your average crowdfunder, but I hope that you will still feel like the updates (and especially all the work) I share is worth something and hit the green donation button on the top of this post. If you feel like a coffee is too much to donate you can always type in your own amount 😉

Today was day three of recording vocals and guitar for the new album. The first day started out great and I finished 5 songs!!! I was convinced I’d be done recording after day two… which didn’t go so well. I had started out with the songs that I am picking on and it’s much harder to record strumming songs when you sing and play the guitar at the same time (I won’t go into details, it just is). So day two I think I got three songs done, I say “think” because I was too tired to listen through the tracks when I called it quits. So today I was going to record two more strumming songs.

The first thing that happened after I recorded for about an hour was that my microphone stand broke. I had a microphone screen mounted on the stand, and obviously that was too heavy and broke the stand right off when I tried to move it. At this point being crammed in between my bed and wardrobe with three chairs to keep a computer screen, keyboard and mouse on was starting to get on my nerves. I had to put my laptop outside the room because the fan was too loud and had cords and cables all over. So I re-arranged everything and put the computer in the wardrobe instead. This gave me a little more space. I recorded (the same song) for three more hours but just wasn’t happy with it. So finally I deleted all the tracks I had recorded and closed the shop for today. I will make a brave new attempt tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a little video to show you my set-up.

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