Rocking Toronto!

We had a great gig in Toronto last night. We played at Bread & Circus in Kensington Market, a lovely area that reminded me alot of Ashbury Heights in San Fransisco. Lots of organic food and alternative clothing.
At first we were a bit dissapointed, after the last band had soundchecked for like two hours, we were told to hurry up and got a 10 minute soundcheck. Luckily we’re pretty few and pretty well prepaired so we were ok anyway. The show was great, Jonas played the iPhone, Jocke descended to an old piano in the midst of the audience for “Will you call me when you’re sober” and “Jonestown and Christian was brilliant as always.

The best thing though was to meet so many nice people. Some that I have had contact with via myspace and facebook and a Norweigan artist called Ingrid Olava and her band. I really liked their gig, so check them out! At midnight jetlag set in on me and I had to go back to the studio for some sleep. Not surprisingly the band stayed behind… I really must get better at this rock’n’roll lifestyle!

Here’s a small vid from last nights gig, as Jonas is on stage with us most of the time now, there’s not a lot of live videos but I hope you enjoy this short piece from “Running out of you”.