Sofia Talvik’s Xmas Calendar 2012 #15

Gustaf and Jens are two guys who just happen to love beer. Well tell me about a guy who doesn’t you might think, but seriously, these guys love beer so much they actually brew their own harvest beer once a year, and it’s so popular it sells out instantly in Sweden.

in 2011 Gustaf and Jens invited me to play at their outdoors pop up restaurant at Öland’s Harvest Festival, so now I figured I’d ask them if they would be a part of my Christmas Calendar. In this window Jens will show you how to make a Swedish Christmas drink with beer called “Mumma”. They will also give you a short history lesson, how about that!

You can find information about Gustaf an Jens and their yearly harvest beer here! If you go to their website you will also find the recipes of some of the delicious food they serve with their craft beer. I’ve typed up the recipe for Mumma for you below. I hear it especially tasty if you listen to my new Christmas single while you drink it! Enjoy!

Gustaf och Jens Mumma recipe!

11 oz lager beer
11 oz dark beer; stout or similar
8 oz sparkling water/mineral water (you can add some sugar to it to sweeten it up)
3 oz sherry
Stir and serve!

Jens and Gustaf
Jens and Gustaf

Gustaf Waesterberg: Chef with a special love for organic food turned photographer.
Jens Skrubbe: Beer sommelier and bar manager at Pressklubben in Stockholm.

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Rocking Toronto!

We had a great gig in Toronto last night. We played at Bread & Circus in Kensington Market, a lovely area that reminded me alot of Ashbury Heights in San Fransisco. Lots of organic food and alternative clothing.
At first we were a bit dissapointed, after the last band had soundchecked for like two hours, we were told to hurry up and got a 10 minute soundcheck. Luckily we’re pretty few and pretty well prepaired so we were ok anyway. The show was great, Jonas played the iPhone, Jocke descended to an old piano in the midst of the audience for “Will you call me when you’re sober” and “Jonestown and Christian was brilliant as always.

The best thing though was to meet so many nice people. Some that I have had contact with via myspace and facebook and a Norweigan artist called Ingrid Olava and her band. I really liked their gig, so check them out! At midnight jetlag set in on me and I had to go back to the studio for some sleep. Not surprisingly the band stayed behind… I really must get better at this rock’n’roll lifestyle!

Here’s a small vid from last nights gig, as Jonas is on stage with us most of the time now, there’s not a lot of live videos but I hope you enjoy this short piece from “Running out of you”.