Blue Moon on YouTube

I hope you guys have all listened to my new EP “L – part one of L.O.V.E”. “L” is my 5th album, not counting remixes and acoustic albums. I started out playing live when I was 23 years old just playing at every little bar I could find. I built me a backing band and an audience and at 25 I was finally ready to release my first studio album “Blue Moon”. “Blue Moon” was recorded to reflect the way I sounded live back then, and is actually recorded live, all musicians together.

So although I’m looking forward and release new stuff, I think it’s important not to forget about your past accomplishes so I decided to re-release “Blue Moon” in a whole new way. So what I did was to make a YouTube album with all the songs from the album, including cover art and lyrics.

You can now listen to the whole album on YouTube: