Be a part of my new album – L

Hi friends, this is a humble request so please bear with me.

I’m trying to raise funds for my new album “L”, the first EP of an four piece EP saga called L.O.V.E, and I’d be very grateful if you could help.  As a thank-you you can download the EP free once it’s completed. It would mean a great deal to me if you would be a part of this musical saga. The minimum pledge of 10$ gets you the download when it’s done, but if you invest in an exclusive item that I have for sale the download is free.

Help me fund this album and check out the exclusives at:

Total funds right now:

By using a fan-funded model to raise the money to release the first EP “L”, not only would you be influencing and enabling the release, you would have access to many rare opportunities to own a piece of my musical journey. And in the end the whole “L.O.V.E” saga.
“L.O.V.E” consists of four separate EP’s with four tracks each, that will be released every 3 months during 2011.
The funding will pay for studio time, producer time, mastering and artwork.

Please read more about how this works at:

20% of the profits will go to a charity that is close to my heart; ECPAT. Your donation will support ECPAT International’s work to prevent, protect and seek justice for child victims of sexual exploitation through legal, social and policy work undertaken for and with child survivors to deliver better care, improve practices and policies and ensure justice.

I run my own label Makaki Music, produce everything myself and I’m very hands on with the music and everything around it. All the bundles are endorsed and personally produced. They represent a personal part of me and I want to share that with you.

Please help me get this EP funded today!

Sofia Talvik