The last three days I have fallen asleep in the couch right after dinner. Now, watching Ancient Aliens from the History Channel didn’t really help me stay awake. In a way it’s nice to be able to get some sleep, but I usually never sleep during daytime unless I’m ill. So maybe the ancient aliens helped me fall asleep but I think this unusual tiredness more probably is a product of too much work this past year.

Since November I’ve barley had a break to talk about. I did the Christmas Calendar, the Christmas Concerts then dove right into recording a new album, worked with that day and night, went on tour to the US for three weeks and then started promoting the album which is now finally released. So, does that mean I can take a break now and there’s nothing more to do? Not really. I’m already planning for an EP, working on videos and promo for the acoustic version of Florida which will be released soon, and on a couple of collaborations.

But I really like to be busy. Having nothing to do makes me lazy and uninspired. But sometimes you need to take a little break. Good thing I’m going to Rimini for a weekend soon. And maybe I should stop wr..