Summer Sale and New U.S Tour Dates

It’s almost time for my Fall upwards Tour. Fall because it’s in the Fall and upwards because I’m going north. But the world does seem a bit upside down so that fits as well. 

I have a bunch of dates booked all the way from Alabama up to northern Michigan, over to the east coast and down to Maryland. 

As I noticed on my US tour this spring, things aren’t quite back to normal. Venues are still half full and many have closed down completely. Another thing is that the gas prices aren’t getting any better, and we only get 12mpg with Lil’Chief – so budget is tight! To make things worse plane tickets are about $1000 per person for the return trip. 

I’m not going to lie to you, this all stresses me out. Touring is what pays my bills, or is supposed to anyway, so being a couple of thousand dollars in the red before I even start the tour is scary. So to lessen the load a little bit, I decided to have sort of a fundraising sale in my music store

From July 1-24th I will have a site wide discount of 20% (which is the total amount of states I will be playing in on this trip). So if you want to support my tour, head over to and pick up some digital or physical albums. Use the discount code: Fall at checkout to get your discount, and remember many of the releases are pay what you want, so you can set your own price.

For all physical purchases I will also include a little gift.

All physical albums will be sent before the 24th of July. Digital albums are instant.

Another thing that really helps in times like these are to go to concerts. Buying tickets in advance, or reserving a seat is key to make the tour successful. I have artist friends who had the venue cancel their show due to low advance ticket sales, so if you are planning to go, don’t wait, get your ticket today. Consider inviting your friends, or why not buy them a ticket as a gift. It’s a win for all of us, the more the merrier.

Here are all the upcoming tour dates, I hope to see you on the road.