Spring tour is over – here’s to the Fall

It has been strange and amazing to be back on the road after 2 years of pandemic. Things have definitely been different than previous tours. You can feel the pandemic is still lurking in the shadows. Show attendance is noticeably smaller, and everything has been more expensive. After we got Lil’Chief up and running again, (thanks to you guys chipping in) after fixing water leaks, burnt out alternators and an AC unit that had drawn its last breath, we paid over $2500 in gas on this tour, with gas prices nearly double from previous tours pre-pandemic.

The thing that trumped all that though, was the appreciation and happiness we received at every show, from audience and promotors alike. We could really tell that people have been longing for live music after these past two years. It felt great to be back on the stage, and to get to see all of you. The online shows were a must during the days of no live shows, but nothing beats seeing you guys and hearing you laugh and clap.

Here’s a little acoustic live video I did in the artist lounge at Stringbreak Music Festival.

Now I’m scrambling to get my USA Fall tour together. I had a full schedule in 2020 and many of the shows has been successfully rescheduled, but about 30% or so have bit the dust, so the schedule still has a lot of TBAs that I hope to fill (if you want to host a house concert give me a holler). And don’t worry Europe, I will be back in Germany for my Christmas tour in December.

I’ve made a little collection of some of the pictures from the tour, that I think sums it up. So thank you so much to everyone who came out, hosted a house concert, invited me to play at your venue and bought a CD or a hat. And thank you so much to David Allgood for playing bass with me on 10 of my shows, I wish I could bring you to all of them.

See you in the Fall! Check out all the upcoming dates here: https://sofiatalvik.com/gigs