Too Many Churches released today

Today I’m releasing my new single “Too Many Churches”. The song came to me as I learned about the Supreme Court in the USA overturning Roe v Wade. For those of you who are not American and don’t know what this means – it basically means many women in the U.S lost their right to a safe legal abortion. I am of the opinion that if you have a voice you should use it. I am using mine now. 

Although I myself is not a believer in a higher being, I respect all peoples religious beliefs, as long as they are not forcing them on to someone else. This song highlights what happens when you do. This is not about beliefs, it’s about using political power to suppress women’s rights. 

I’m very grateful for the instant stream of appreciation I have received for this song already. The track was premiered in Acoustic Review today

And has been well received by radio DJs in the USA:

“As a matter of fact, it’s brilliant.” – Artie Martello – Mostly Folk, Catskill Mountains NY

“Such a powerful song.” – Jim Marino, Freewheelin’ Folk Show 93.3 CFMU

“Lovely, poignant and timed perfectly. (..) There is a wonderful “Simon & Garfunkel” quality to the phrasing and sound, very timeless, comforting and lonely all at once.” – Joe Vincenza, WUWF Public Media, Pensacola

“A great song both timely and timeless.” – Ron Cooke, Music They Don’t Want You to Hear

Check out the lyric video here:

And go to to stream and download this track. As of now I have decided to keep it off the major streaming platforms so you can only get it on my own page. 

Thank you for listening.