New song, new album

Welcome to my first post with content available for donations.

This fall/winter I’m planning on recording a new album. I have a bunch of new songs and I’m working on boring stuff like budget and locations. With the donation system up and running, I will post some cool new stuff from the process. The system doesn’t work like Kickstarter or PledgeMusic where you raise money for a specific goal, but that doesn’t stop me from telling you when I am saving up for something special. Right now I’m saving up for recording a new album so if you donate on my posts you will help contribute to the new album.

For this first post I teamed up with my Swedish guitar player Marcus Högquist to record a live take of my new song “Big Sky Country”. I wrote the song when I was on the last leg of my long USA tour, and it’s about all the wonderful places and people I saw and met along the way, but also about coming home. I hope you like it!

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