A new way to support indie music!

Dear readers and listeners. I have exciting news to share!

I’ve decided to change the music industry as we know it, and I’ve decided that You (yes YOU!) will be my helping hand!

I have worked and worked on this new way for people who want to help me (and any other artist who wants to use this system) to keep making music without a major record label paying our rent. Check out the 2 minute video that will explain it all, or read the breakdown below. In the future you will not get alllllll this text in every post but you will be able to see when a post I make is a “Special donation post” because it will have the donation banner and a donation button (and you can always return to the video or instructions if you need them, or just email me if you have any questions).

I promise I will not abuse the system with any random posts, but anyhow you don’t have to donate unless you want to. That’s the beauty of it. The future is in your hands my friends!

Hi and welcome to my attempt to change the ever-changing music business.

For the two minute video version of this introduction please watch the video above.

I’ve never been a busker, I wouldn’t be able handle people just passing by, not caring about the music. Which is why this new project of mine is not for people who pass by without caring, but for all of you who stayed and will stay for my entire show.

Yet this new model sort of reminds of busking, only you can choose when and how much you want to take part of it, and it will be of more quality than just a song at the corner of the street – hopefully something that will make you stay, and want to come back again.

Everyone thinks that music should be free and I love to share the music with you, because music is my passion. But sometimes it’s hard to get the equation to work, because ”free” doesn’t pay the bills while I’m writing new songs or the gas to my next show, it doesn’t buy me new strings for my guitar or put food on the table. Making an album takes time. Sometimes years to write, months to record and more months to promote. I wish I could put out a new album every few months, but I’ve sadly discovered I am not a superwoman.

So instead I want to offer you a window into my world and my work on a more regular basis. It can be a video of me writing a song, or a cover I decided to record. It can be a story that I want to share or a snippet from an upcoming recording. In short I want to share my passion for music with you. But I also want to make the equation work.

So I started to think.

How often do you stop at your local coffee shop and pick up a coffee? On your way to work? After lunch? Every day? How often do you fill up your car with gas? And that gym membership that is burning a hole in your wallet (and your conscience, admit it: you haven’t worked out in a while, have you? still you keep paying) … you don’t think twice about paying for any of those things (well maybe the gym membership), and yet – the music you enjoy should be free.

But if you feel like music is an important part of your life, like that coffee in the morning, maybe you can trade me that for a coffee – or a lunch, or why not a gym membership for a month. Now I understand that it can be hard to send me those things in the mail, so instead I set up a donation system on my website where you can donate the same amount as you pay for other necessities in your life. When I post something that I think you might enjoy there will be an option in the post to donate. You don’t have to push the button, but when you think about it, musicians also like to eat. So in short you can take part and enjoy everything that I post – for free, or if you want to help me with the equation you can donate and help me continue making music for you and everyone else to enjoy.

Here’s the breakdown:

How it works:

You push the button of the amount you want to donate, or type in your own amount. You can then pay with your credit card or with paypal.

Q: You want to make a reaccuring donation?

Because frankly you think I’m worth it. 🙂 Just push the button for the amount and choose reaccuring. This will only work if you have a paypal account.

Q: You want to get an email notification every time I post something special?

Opt in on the email list. When a post featuring the donation option is posted you’ll get an email with a direct link.

Q: You want to be anonymous?

No problem, you can choose whether to show the world that you support independent music, or you can be a mystery benefactor – just click the anonymous button.

Now go to my very first donation friendly post by clicking here!