Recording demos

I’ve spent the day recording demos for my upcoming album. I’m doing this so that I can listen better to the songs and figure out how I would like to produce them, and also so that I can send them to my musicians for them to practice with before we record them for real for the album. These are all one-takes in my bedroom and I managed to record five of them today before my computer started buzzing too much from being over heated. Might sound like that happened really fast since I only got five done, but each song took quite the time to record, making new projects, adjusting the mics, not to mention being able to play the song from start to finish without messing up too much, since I haven’t rehearsed many of them since I wrote them. All and all I’ve been at this the whole day, so I thought I’d share one of the songs with you.

If you like it and feel like it’s worth as much as a coffee at Starbucks (which takes a lot shorter to make) please feel free to use the donation button above to support me and help me out with this album.

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  1. Lovely with a touch of sadness. Your voice keeps stunning me. Definitely alot more worthwhile than a Starbucks coffee.

  2. Yeah, I could recommend some for sure… PM on Facebook and I will send you some info & links … Maybe we could do a combined show with the singer I play with ‘Ornella’… It is in the a similar vibe to you…

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