Happy Birthday to me! Here’s a present!

Hey! It’s my birthday and I want to give YOU presents!

Oh, so now you think I’m all old and crazy all of a sudden? Fear not, I’m still a young woman in my best age. But since most of you guys can’t be here to celebrate with me I want to make this a special day for all of us anyway.

I’m putting all my albums on “Pay What You Want” and yes you can pay me anything from $1.000.000 to zero, nada, zilch, nothing. How’s that for a birthday bash??

GO HERE to download all my albums NOW! (Offer is only available during tomorrow)

Happy Birthday - Get all my albums here!
Happy Birthday – Get all my albums here!

OH, Please invite all your friends to the party as well. Use the share links above or link to this page of all your social media sites!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve just sent a mail to Kristian and reminded him of your birthday. I have problems with my Pay Pal right now. I will sponsor you when I’ve fixed it. I’m impressed of your touring stamina!

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