Happy Birthday to me! Here’s a present!

Happy Birthday - Get all my albums here!

Hey! It’s my birthday and I want to give YOU presents!

Oh, so now you think I’m all old and crazy all of a sudden? Fear not, I’m still a young woman in my best age. But since most of you guys can’t be here to celebrate with me I want to make this a special day for all of us anyway.

I’m putting all my albums on “Pay What You Want” and yes you can pay me anything from $1.000.000 to zero, nada, zilch, nothing. How’s that for a birthday bash??

GO HERE to download all my albums NOW! (Offer is only available during tomorrow)

Happy Birthday - Get all my albums here!
Happy Birthday – Get all my albums here!

OH, Please invite all your friends to the party as well. Use the share links above or link to this page of all your social media sites!

2 new interviews about the tour!

Sofia Talvik in ST-Tidningen
Sofia Talvik in ST-Tidningen
Sofia Talvik in ST-Tidningen

Swedish newspaper ST-tidningen just published a big interview with me about my tour (and put me on the cover too)! It’s in Swedish of course, but if you’re curious about reading some more about the tour and a lot of other stuff, like alligators, Florida and socialism the Boston music blog Allston Pudding just published a looooong interview with me (good thing you don’t really have the same restriction with space on the internet as you do in a paper). Read the Allston Pudding Interview here!

Read an interview in English on Allston Pudding
Read an interview in English on Allston Pudding

Interview me and win wristbands to SXSW

Sofia Talvik live on the Drivin' & Dreaming Tour
Sofia Talvik live on the Drivin' & Dreaming Tour
Sofia Talvik live on the Drivin' & Dreaming Tour

Hey guys!

I have two exciting things to announce! I’m playing at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX in March and here’s two ways you’ll be able to join me there! Firstly I’m going to be a part of “Discover Me @ Austin” which is a video interview made by Twenty.Me.

The Twenty.Me app is free from the iTunes store but is currently in BETA. Fans will be able to learn more about bands playing at SXSW by typing in the band name, in my case; SofiaTalvik@. There you can listen to my music and learn about the me, as well as get my SXSW schedule. The interview will be made on February 21st at 1pm CST on the Spreecast site.

Spreecast is a social video platform that lets people broadcast together and create shared experiences. In a Spreecast social video stream, up to four people at a time can interact face-to-face on screen, while hundreds of others can watch, chat, and participate by submitting comments and questions. The creator of a spreecast uses producer controls to determine who comes on camera and when. That means that if you want to come online and ask me questions for the interview you can create your own account and do that at Spreecast. You can join with your own spreecast or simply submit questions. The great thing is that it’s early enough for the US so that all you Europeans can join too. The local time in Sweden will be 8 in the evening.

So the second way you can join me at SXSW is actually by getting a free wristband. And here’s how you do that:

Sonicbids has an official party at SXSW and by voting for me once a day and helping me get to the top list I’ll get to play at the party. If you go vote for me now you have to chance to win TWO wristbands for the party!!!!

You know you want to – Do it now and do it here: https://playsxsw.sonicbids.com/BandDetails.aspx?b=30837

Places to grab my music for free

I tought I would list a couple of places where I’ve put up some of my music for free. Since I use a lot of different social media sites I got lot of my music spread out both here and there. So I came up with this idea to compiled list of where you can download some of it for free.

Last.FM is a great place. I got all my albums up there. You can listen and download some of the songs.

Then we have ReverbNation.
I got a few tunes up there and you can also grab widgets with my songs or fancollector widgets and put on your blog.
Feel free to help support my music by placing them om your blog!

Cut and Paste this widget to your blog by pressing the SHARE button on the player below.


Got Facebook?

I’m a fan of social media and are always looking for new way to spread my music and connect with new fans. Now I’m integrating my site with facebook and other social platforms.

I just added the ability to use your facebook account to comment and tell your friends about my music, upcoming albums, videos and other news you stumble upon while reading. In the coming weeks I will also implement functions to support more sites like Twitter, MySpace, Google, etc.

People that connect with my site and become fans will of course receive first hand exclusive deals and free songs before anyone else. Be sure to drop comments on my posts and tell all your friends.

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