Womens radio interview

Womens radio did an interview with me a couple of days ago.

WomensRadio Music Review offers an intimate and in-depth perspective on the music and mission of the world’s finest Independent Female Musicians.

Join Brian Ball, Host of WomensRadio Music Review, in welcoming Sweden’s next rising star, Sofia Talvik, as she shares a wealth of information about her soon-to-be-released 4th album, Florida, her upcoming appearances at SXSW 2010 and of course…her favorite shoes to bring on tour!

Also discover Sofia’s production and songwriting influences, tour anecdotes, recommended listening, future goals/aspirations and preview samples of her upcoming release…all in just under 12 minutes, right here on WomensRadio!

“Standing up and playing guitar in high heels is kind of difficult… -Sofia Talvik

You can listen to it here and have a sneek preview of the title track from my new album “Florida”.
Womens Radio