Secret show from Florida

Sofia Talvik live in Florida and online
Sofia Talvik live in Florida and online. Photo: Virdeo Puro

Visit Florida interactively to see a live show with Sofia Talvik.

Every once in a while Sofia Talvik will treat her fans to a special live broadcast from a scenic place along the road of her Drivin’ & Dreaming tour.

If you haven’t had a chance to come to any of the concerts on the tour, or if you’d just like to see Sofia live again, sign in to view an exclusive concert on-line on December 21st, time: 2pm EST.

Just log on to your computer and go HERE.

You can pay what you will, but the suggested ticket price is 5 dollars. You can also tip during the gig, one token is 10 cents.

Don’t miss out on this special gig – available to everyone all over the world!