U.S Tour 2023 / East to West and a Lil’ bit South

It’s time to brush off the snow from Lil’ Chief and hit the road. Actually I don’t think snow will be the problem in July, the problem will be keeping cool.

We are heading out for a 4 month tour all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast and into CA and AZ. It will be a lot of shows and I hope to see you at any of them. Many of the shows already have tickets for sale, and if you want to come see me I would suggest buying your ticket as soon as possible.

Go HERE to find where I am playing close to you, and don’t forget to let your friends know as well!

Paws of a Bear Spring Tour on the road!

The 2020 Spring tour, aptly named after my new album “Paws of a Bear”, has just begun! Last night we did a soft start in Albuquerque, NM and from here the tour will take us through Texas to SxSW and a lot of other fun concert venues, through LA, MS, AL and down to Florida.

Lil’Chief is getting some updates so we don’t wake up on the hood of the car!

Lil’Chief is getting some updates too. From previous owners he had some water leaks which has made the floor in the cab-over a bit wobbly. White Trash MacGyver has spent the last few days ripping it out and building new support and floor, with the help of our generous hosts Eric and Wendy Bardrof, also photographers extraordinaire. When you see Wendy’s pic you realize why New Mexico’s slogan is “Land of enchantment”.

Land of enchantment – photo by Wendy Bardrof

I’m also very excited to have my pedal steel genius Tim Fleming with me for select shows in Texas. He will join me from Dallas to SxSW and Houston.

Hope to see you on the road!

5000 mile tour announced

I’m getting ready to go on a long U.S tour again. This time it will take me from Florida straight across to Seattle and then down the coast to San Diego.

It’s going to be around 5000 miles to drive and that’s why the tour is called the “5000 mile tour”. My little tour RV “Lil’ Chief” is going for a long haul but he’s a champ and even if I know that we always break down once or twice each tour he will get us trough this in the end. 🙂

I’ve already been trough 46 states so far on previous tours, and this time I will add Montana as the 47th. I’ve also booked two nights in Yellowstone National Park to do some hiking and sightseeing. I’m also going to be in Lincoln, Nebraska on the morning of the total solar eclipse on August 21st.

I’m really looking forward to this trip.

Check out the map of my tour route and click the map to get my tour dates.

500 mile tour

I hope to see some of you on the road.

Album funded and U.S tour

Big Sky Tour Flyer 2015

Thank you all who supported my album launch by pre-ordering it via PledgeMusic. The goal has been met and the pre-order closed today. Everyone who pledged should have gotten their digital downloads by now. I’m overwhelmed by your generosity and your kindness. Without you I couldn’t do this. I hope that you will like the new album! It will be officially released April 14th, but all pre-ordered CDs will be sent out in mid March.

My U.S pre-release tour starts till weeks with stops between Chicago and Houston. Check out the gig listings to see if I am coming to your town! I will also make a few select shows at SxSW, and hope to see you there!