Scandinavian Folk night in Berlin

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Sofia Talvik and MC Hansen
Sofia Talvik and MC Hansen

Scandinavian folk night at English Theatre, Berlin

On May 13th two of Scandinavia’s finest artists take the stage at English Theatre in Berlin.

Sofia Talvik is an well established artist from Sweden with a broad audience from all over the world and has played at several festivals in the USA including The Lollapalooza and SXSW. She plays a unique blend of folk-pop (someone said Neo-Folk). This American genre filtered through her Swedish heritage, becomes something totally unique, a blend that has attracted attention from reviewers, blogs and music lovers.

Danish singer and guitar slinger M.C Hansen combines the storytelling of traditional folk music with contemporary country sounds. His music echoes both his Danish heritage and his American influences. The sound of Scandinavia in American clothes – it’s Scandicana!

tickets: 10€