Center of the Universe – New Album Out Now!

Imagine yourself in a small rural village in Sweden. White-trimmed wooden houses that date back several hundred years are tucked in between the pines and birch tees next to the quiet lake where the sunlight glitters like gold on the gentle ripple. All around you, you can hear the buzzing of bumblebees, birds singing in the trees, and the sheep are grazing in a nearby pasture, surrounded by a hand tied willow fence.

This is Sulegång and it’s the place Sofia Talvik chose to record her new album ‘Center of the Universe’.

With a group of carefully selected musicians; Peyton Clifford and Drake Duffer on accordion, guitar, and mandolin (both hailing from North Carolina) and Janne Manninen on bass (from Sweden), she built up a studio in the living room of one of the old houses.

“She certainly has a way with words and “Circle of Destruction” proves that. With its elegant temperament, fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Jade Bird, Sarah Jarosz, and Molly Tuttle will appreciate this song wholeheartedly. We recommend adding Sofia Talvik’s “Circle of Destruction” single to your favorite contemporary folk playlist.”
Bong Mines Entertainment

“I am really enjoying the tone of Sofia’s vocals which effortlessly convey the emotion of her powerful storytelling, soaring effortlessly over the intricate acoustic guitars and accordion. There’s also touches of melancholia that I really like and the overall atmosphere of the song is quite warm and intimate.”
Caesar Live N Loud

Sofia Talvik’s anti-war stance, “Circle of Destruction,” is an exception. Here is a gorgeously performed song about the inevitable annihilation of a war-torn world, and yet, few artists feel inspired to write their own. While we should be ashamed of having so few protest singers, we should be glad of Talvik’s efforts.

“Talvik has an interesting sound that feels like it has equal measure roots country and mid-20th century folk revival. It sounds like a song Pete Seeger would enjoy. This is an exceptional song by a talented artist. It’s worth a share!”
EarToTheGround Music


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