New video for ‘Glow’

The multi-talanted Jesper Jonsson has done it again! This time he’s produced and animated a video for my song ‘Glow’ from ‘O – part two of L.O.V.E’. All the beautiful animations in the video are all hand made by Jesper. Jesper who also releases his own music under the name “The Courage” did the remix and remix video for my song ‘You plate your heart with gold’ from my latest full length album ‘Florida’ and I liked it so much that I just had to ask him to do this video. His friend Per Gustin filmed all the sequences that I’m appearing in and it all came together in this beautiful piece of art.

We had the chance to make this with the help from my fans that supported the making of ‘O- part two of L.O.V.E’ via

Thank you to Jesper, Per and all of you that keep supporting me and my music.

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  1. I posted your music over two years ago on my space. I feel in love with you and your style. Your inner beauty is so powerful it surpasses your outer beauty. May I add that you are one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen.

    1. Juan, It warms my heart to hear. If I can make someones life a little bit better it makes me happy every time. Keep supporting and feel free to spread the video to friends. Have a great summer!

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