New unplugged album out soon!

So I bet you have been wondering why I haven’t made any quarantine concerts lately. Well I assure you I haven’t been staying in bed until 2 every day.. (just some days). We have been hard at work putting together an unplugged version of Paws of a Bear for you all. This album will contain all 10 songs from my latest album – plus two bonus tracks! All the songs are acoustic one-takes, vocals and guitar.

Today we released the first track from the album. It’s called Reflections. Have a listen here:

As you know Paws of a Bear has a painted bear on the cover, so I made a simple drawing of a bear for this unplugged version. WHO AM I KIDDING? I drew hundreds of bears before I was satisfied. So that means that you can also support me and the release by getting a one of a kind bear drawing from me. I have put up a pre-order page with all the bears – and the album of course. The full album will be released June 29th. Check it out and choose your bear today!

Click here to go to the pre-order page!