New Album – Paws of a Bear – Unplugged

It’s here! Today I’m releasing a new album. It’s an unplugged version of Paws of a Bear.

Since my tours got shut down to Corona in March I have been doing regular online concerts. I’ve had several fans ask me if these will become available as downloads or CD, but I wanted to offer something of a better quality. So I have recorded all the songs from Paws of a Bear again, as acoustic one-takes with just vocals and guitar and put them on this album. The album also contains unplugged versions of my two latest new singles “Meanwhile in Winnsboro” and “Broken”.

Go listen to the album, it’s available on all major platforms, but if you want to continue to support more releases in the future please visit my shop and buy a signed CD directly from me.

Paws of a Bear – Unplugged

Sofia Talvik - Paws of a Bear - Unplugged

I really hope you will appreciate this album and help support my music. I hope to see more of you when I’m back on tour again. Stay safe out there!