My thoughts about politics

It’s election time in Sweden in a few months and all the different parties are starting to campaign to get voters. One on the things that are available almost everywhere online right now is different political quizzes where you answer a bunch of question and end up being a right wing or left wing sympathizer. I’m pretty uninterested in the whole political thing, I guess I’ll have to read up on a lot of stuff before I make my own choice, but these quizzes (I’ve taken a few of them) started to make me think.

A lot of people are so set in their ways that they know from birth which party they’ll vote for. For them it’s a matter of tradition, what their parents voted for and what class in society they belong to. But do they really know what they are voting for? What if on election day, instead of choosing a party to vote for, you’d take a quiz with a lot of different questions, and what you ended up being in that quiz would be your vote?! Even more exciting if you didn’t get to know until after the election what you actually voted for (or maybe not get to know at all?)! Not only would people vote for their true beliefs rather than what the campaigns told them or what their habits were, but the personal issue of who’s the leader for this or that party would also be totally insignificant.

This way you could also see which questions would be the most important to the people. Hmm, I think I’ll have to take some more of those quizzes.

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