V – Update #2

Sofia Talvik in the studio recording part three of L.O.V.E
Sofia Talvik in the studio recording part three of L.O.V.E
recording part three of L.O.V.E

Guys! I just spent the entire afternoon editing this video from when we were in the studio recording the other day. It’s got some previews of how the new 3P is going to sound. In the end of the video the a part of one of the new songs are inserted so this is like a pre-listen as well! My producer Janne Manninen has been taking it in an electronic version which I hope you all will enjoy. That’s the fun thing with these EPs, not only do you get to know the guys in my band a little bit better but we can also experiment with the sound of the songs. You don’t have to worry that I’ll totally change my style though, each 3P will sound different, that’s just part of the experience! If you haven’t pledged already, go ahead and pre-order this awesome EP here!

Video from the studio

Sofia Talvik in the studio recording part three of L.O.V.E
Hello from the studio!


Pledge for ‘V – Part Three of L.O.V.E’

V - Cover

It’s been amazing that I have received so much help, support and interest from my fans during the production of my two latest EPs. Thanks to YOU I have been able to record and release them, and for that I am eternally grateful!

Now it’s time for me to start making part three of the L.O.V.E saga and I need your help again. This time it will be a little bit different. For one I’m using Bandcamp instead of Pledgemusic and this time I have affixed packages to make it easier for you to choose your level of involvement. Like before, you’re very welcome to send me an email or comment below if you feel that something is missing amongst the items available to pledge for and I’ll be happy to include it. You will still receive updates from the project such as blogs, pics and videos.

The interesting thing about this project is that I have four different producers, the four guys that also happen to be in my backing band. They are all very talanted but they all have very different taste in music and I thought it would be interesting to see how they interpreted my songs if I gave them the chance.  ‘L’ was produced by my cello player Christian Hörgren and ‘O’ by my drummer Joakim Lundgren. We’re now down to ‘V’ and this time it’s my bass player Janne Manninen who produces the EP. His roots are more dance and electronica than the others and this EP will be very different from all my other stuff. But it’s still me doing the vocals and guitar and it’s all my songs, just in a new exciting suit.

So, go and check out the new design on the tees and posters and start choosing your pledge package. Go to the pledge site for more information about the different items and how to pledge. Thanks again for helping me out!

V - Cover
V - Cover

New video for ‘Glow’

Sofia Talvik - Glow video

The multi-talanted Jesper Jonsson has done it again! This time he’s produced and animated a video for my song ‘Glow’ from ‘O – part two of L.O.V.E’. All the beautiful animations in the video are all hand made by Jesper. Jesper who also releases his own music under the name “The Courage” did the remix and remix video for my song ‘You plate your heart with gold’ from my latest full length album ‘Florida’ and I liked it so much that I just had to ask him to do this video. His friend Per Gustin filmed all the sequences that I’m appearing in and it all came together in this beautiful piece of art.

We had the chance to make this with the help from my fans that supported the making of ‘O- part two of L.O.V.E’ via pledgemusic.com.

Thank you to Jesper, Per and all of you that keep supporting me and my music.

What friends are for

K Composite #13

I was talking to a friend the other day about how hard people in Sweden have to support their friends and be happy for their success. We even have a epithet for it “The Jante Law”. Wikipedia lists it as “a pattern of group behavior towards individuals within Scandinavian communities, which negatively portrays and criticizes individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate.” Or as Morrissey so eloquently put it: “We hate it when our friends become successful”.

It’s a quite unpleasant thing and you will see it everywhere, even how people are portrayed in media sometimes. Well I’ve had my share, being an artist and performer. It’s sad when there’s a competition between artists and other actors in the music industry, when we all could benefit from helping and supporting each other. Especially in such a small country as Sweden.

But I think the worst thing is when people who are your friends don’t support you or can be happy for you. Every day I’m stunned by how wonderful my fans and friends abroad are. Helping me out in so many ways. Some whom I haven’t even met. Like with my pledge for my EPs. Or now that I’ve applied for an artist visa. How generous and helpful people really are.  

However It makes me just as sad when real life friends brushes off my pledgemusic project with the notion that supporting by pledging would be the same as them giving me a salary. Like I would use the money to party on the town or something (and the funny thing is that they’d gladly buy me a beer any time). And then, they all enjoy my music for free on Spotify. Don’t get me wrong. I want people to enjoy my music for free, but I’m sad to experience that Swedes sometimes are not as generous and loving as other nationalities.  

My new goal is therefor to be a better person and support friends and colleagues more. And today I’m starting with my friend Scott. Scott is the writer, designer and publisher of the magazine K Composite. He’s been doing it for years and now he’s working on a new issue. If you like independent magazines, you’ll like K Composite. It’s basically a really beatutiful magazine containing interviews with regular people. Scott has a pledge at Kickstarter to fund the new issue and I think you should all check it out now.

What was that? … Well of course I pledged!!! 



K composite
K composite


Sometimes I wish I had a band

Sofia Talvik and her band
Sofia Talvik and her band
me and my band

Sometimes I wish I had a band. Well I do have a band and I love them to bits, but we are not a band. They are my boys and I am their artist. They are my friends but they are not my confidants. Sometimes, when I see things like this lovely pledge by  My Bubba and Mi, I wish I had a band, where everyone were equals. Where we planned together and fought together. Where we were annoyed at critics and happy for our music together. Sometimes I feel like it’s just me, and they are just tagging along for the ride.

I’ve tried a couple of times making my band into my band. At first I gave them a name, The Tallboys, so that they would feel like a band and not just musicians backing up a singer/songwriter. It didn’t really work, but it doesn’t matter because now, 6 years down the road, they’re still with me and I don’t think any of them feel like just a back up musician anymore. It’s probably for the best, as I can be quite bossy and stubborn and tend to decide everything but sometimes I feel I’m struggling all alone. Like last year when we were on tour and there were just so many things that were going wrong, and I felt like I couldn’t tell them and had to pretend that everything was alright so we wouldn’t all be depressed and worried.

This year my guys are showing their skills as more than musicians playing behind me. They are each producing an EP for me in my 4 piece L.O.V.E saga. I wonder if they will feel as protective about their EPs as I do when I release an album. I wonder if they know just how much I appreciate and love them. Even if they’ll never be my band.