U.K going bananas for “Big Sky Country”

My new album “Big Sky Country” will get a special release in the U.K early in the new year and the U.K media is already going crazy over it! Read some of the reviews here:

“Her sounds dig deep into the heart and elicit something truly awestruck and amazed.  One of the best and most intuitive songwriter on the scene; her music takes your mind to the scenes and sights she sings- it is such vivid and raw music that rewards those that love music with depth and soul.  Big Sky Country is as stunning and rich as its cover art: music that covers a wealth of topics and explores love, hope and wonderful characters.  There are few artists that have the prolific and consistency as Talvik.”

– Musicmusings and Such (click for full review)


“Make home on your CD shelf for “Big Sky Country”, the latest in a collection of 6 full length albums, next to First Aid Kit recent purveyors mining similar vein with “Stay Gold” receiving measured success. Sofia’s perfected craft taking her nation’s abilities beyond pop, with open arms, be early bird to new opportunity and cradle Sofia standing on the cusp of, somewhat overdue, larger audiences.”

– Fatea Records (click for full review)


“Talvik has put together a spellbinding assemblage of stripped-down, acoustic anthems that keep compelling from commencement to conclusion. While the instrumentation is adept and engaging, it’s her invigorating vocals that steal the show throughout. So charming is their tone, that the record remains uplifting and optimistic, even in its most melancholy moments.

– Pure Magazine (click for full review)