Trucking on… tour update

We’re almost three weeks into touring. So what has went down since we left Richmond, TX, where we picked up Lil’Chief? Well we had a nice visit in New Orleans where we didn’t get shot at, headed up through an ungodly hot Mississippi (no AC in the RV at night) and then back into Texas.

Driving from Texarkana to Waxahachie we decided to stop in Greenville, TX, for lunch. As some of you might remember that’s where Lil’Chief broke down on the last tour. White Trash McGyver finally got Lil’Chief running enough to take us to a mechanic that fixed him up, but not before half of Greenville showed up and offered their help, hamburgers, coffee and more. So driving in to Greenville I posted a pic on Facebook …


Soon to be followed by this post:


Yep, we broke down in Greenville – AGAIN! It must be something with that town. Anyway, within a few minutes some helpful people had pulled over, helped push Lil’Chief to a nearby parking lot and even went so far as to go 40 miles to buy a new ignition coil for us. Thank you Larry and Michael!! I’m telling you, if you are to break down anywhere, make sure it’s in Greenville.

Onward we went to Waxahachie and In The Music Room, Studio and Listening Room where I shared a wonderful evening with Texas local Sherita Perez! Make sure you check out her music! By the way, here’s Randy (the founder, owner, promotor and all over sweetheart) sporting my tour t-shirt!


And here’s me performing at In The Music Room!


After a stop in Jonestown, TX where I was fortunate enough to be backed up by my favourite pedal steel player, Tim Fleming, (who came all the way from California to play with me) we headed on all the way up to Tulsa, OK and onward to Iowa.


And this is where I woke up today, the last of my oh so lovely Iowa shows tonight in Cedar Falls. Then I’m doing a little detour into Illinois before I head north.


Here’s what’s left of the tour. Please go to for all dates, addresses and other info. See you on the road!



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  1. Thanks for the update. Some types of road trips never change. I miss the road trips. Your performance pictures are also very wonderful – can feel being there. Enjoy.

      1. Some of my most memorable road trips with interesting meeting ups with friends I never saw again were when the breakdowns kept me in place so the meeting could happen. However when a schedule or performances is calling – it can be more difficult to stop to smell the flowers or coffee. ūüôā Maybe I need to get a job as a roadie. ha ha

        Take care and hope you have more easy road parts of your trip.

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