Tour canceled – NOT canceled

So shit hit the fan, and my concerts just like most other artists concerts are getting canceled one by one du to the outbreak. This is of course devastating for us, not just because it’s the way we pay for food and gas and rent, but also because we came such a long way for the tour.

We are trying to do the best of it and still keep people safe. So we have set up a Facebook group where we will be live streaming mini concerts for donations, and posting new songs as I write them here in my quarantine.

If you are not on Facebook, I’ll also post some live videos here on my website, and you can always help by getting my music digitally here:

If you want to chip in to keep the music coming you can click this pic:

Go here to join the group, and feel free to invite all your friends as well. Even though we’re in quarantine it doesn’t have to mean that we have to miss out on fun and music!