Tour breakdown and live album

So the other day White Trash McGyver discovered that Lil’Chief (for you who do not know this, Lil’Chief is our tour RV) needed some new parts for the steering system. Upon taking Lil’Chief to the RV hospital, we realised that he was NOT covered by Obama-care or any other care for that part, and that we needed to cough up $600 from our hard earned tour money to get back to the road. And the doctors warned us that we should really get new brake pads as well, or Lil’Chief might not stop running until he falls over the edge of the world (which would be really bad if there are any red lights on the way).

So we decided to put together a live album from songs recorded at the Pittsburgh Winery on this tour, and if you want to help us cover Lil’Chief’s medical bill, you can buy this download for as much as you feel like you want to contribute with. It’s up for “pay what you want”. CLICK HERE!

The live album contains a bunch of the songs from my new album “Big Sky Country” as well as a few oldies, and was recorded by Stitch at Pittsburgh Winery on September 5th.

Thanks for helping Lil’Chief get well!

Sofia Talvik Live at Pittsburgh Winery


Cover photo by David Rosenfield