Siren Song released on video

Siren Song is the latest single from the album Paws of a Bear. The song has been added to some great Spotify Playlists, Fresh Folk, New Music Friday Sweden and more. The video was exclusively premiered on Nashville’s Ditty TV, calling the album ” An indie-folk, 10-song masterpiece.“.

The video was recorded in Gävle, Sweden in the summer of 2019. Here is the story behind the video:

Back in the days when cities were smaller and farther apart and people were closer to nature, they would still encounter the magical spirits inhabiting the lakes, woods and mountains. It is said that the ”Skogsrå”, Hulder, or Siren of the Woods looked like a woman from the front, but seen from behind her back was the shape of a hollow log. She was the keeper of the woods and if given a small token, like some food or a coin, would often help the men working with the charcoal kiln, by waking them up if their fire was going out in the night, or return cattle that had gone missing to the farms. But she could also be dangerous and deceive lonely wanderers, lure them off their track and ensure they lose their way. It was said that any man who made love to the Skogsrå would become closed into himself, lose his energy, and no longer be interested in interacting with other people, because his soul remained with her. If he was a hunter, she may reward him with good luck in the hunt, but should he be unfaithful to her, he would be punished with all sorts of mysterious accidents. If a man told the Skogsrå his name, he would have to obey her every time she called. You could trick her by telling her your name was ”Self” or ”Nobody”. You will find different tales of the Skogsrå not only in Swedish folklore but in all of Scandinavia and all the way down to Germany. Can this really be a fairytale, or is she still out there…

Filmed by Jonas Westin and Sofia Talvik, additional footage by Ruvim Miksanskiy and videezy. Edited by Sofia Talvik. Animation and post production by Jonas Westin. Filmed in Gävle, Sweden 2019.