Semifinalist in the International Songwriting competition

It’s a new week and I have two new fun things to share with you. The first is that I am a semifinalist in the International Songwriting Competition with my song “Take Me Home“, which means I’m one of 11% of over 18 000 contributions! I’m very excited about it. Keep your fingers crossed I’ll make it to the finals. Here’s the video for “Take Me Home”:

The second fun thing is a big feature on BandsInTown about me and my touring. If you don’t know BandsInTown, it’s a great way to track where I am playing. You just follow me there and then you’ll get a notification when I am playing in your area. You don’t know how often I get messages from people saying “When are you playing Boston?” or Dallas or Portland.. and it’s quite often JUST after I played there. So if you don’t want to miss my shows, make sure you track me on BandsInTown. Here’s the full feature: