Lullaby video premiere

“Lullaby” is the second single from my new album “Big Sky Country“.  I’m stoked to have the video featured on both PopDose as well as NoDepression!

For a long time this song had no name and when when I started playing it in concerts, I would ask the audience what they thought the name should be. After getting many suggestions a lady in Hamburg, Germany came up with the name Lullaby and finally the song got its name.

The video is recorded in a 1890’s farm in southern Texas. As the ghosts of time are moving through the rooms of this historic house you get a feeling of being in a timeless state where past and present blend to the tunes of the music.

““Lullaby” is a beautiful and warm piece and the imagery fits the dreamy nature of the song.  Let yourself be lulled by the angelic vocals of Sofia Talvik and enjoy…” – PopDose

Filmed and edited by Jonas Westin. Thank you to Frank Briscoe for letting us use his beautiful house! Visit The Homeplace here!

Get the album here: