Get a personalized greeting from Sofia!

Visit the shop now to take part of this limited offer!

I happen to have 28 handmade postcards from The Poplab (artists Sakurai & O’Regan). Each postcard is silkscreen printed, with cool individual prints. You can now order a personalized greeting from me for only €5! You’ll get a unique Poplab postcard, with a unique handwritten greeting from me on the back – and I guarantee that no two will be the same. The postcard will be sent as regular mail, so if you order other stuff from my shop, don’t be alarmed if the postcard is not included in the package. If you really, really want it sent in an envelope or included with other stuff you buy from the shop, please note so in your order.

Visit the shop now to take part of this limited offer!

2 Replies to “Get a personalized greeting from Sofia!”

  1. Sakurai & O’Regan for me are one of the great concept designers out there. I have some postcards also that I have collected and kept for a long time now. I like the customization idea it certainly makes a lot of things interesting.


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