The Close Connection Tour

Welcome to The Close Connection Tour!

This week I’m embarking on my U.S spring tour, The Close Connection Tour. I chose the name because this tour exclusively consists of small, intimate concerts. Many of the concerts on this tour are house concerts,  i.e. the closest connection you can get between artist and audience.
What is a house concert you might wonder. Well, simply put a music loving being has decided to open his or her house for a special concert for invited people. This person might have been having this concert series for years, or it might be the first time.
Is the event private? No, it’s not a closed event in the sense that you cannot attend unless you know the host. You are more than welcome to attend, but as it’s not a public venue you have to RSVP to reserve your seat and get the address of the concert. As it is in a private home, you are also expected to show the curtesy of letting the host know if you have reserved a seat but cannot attend, the seats are limited and someone else might be on a waiting list.
How is this different from other concerts? Well for one you will have a direct access to the artist, and be able to mingle and hang out before and after the show. There are no blaring TV screens showing the game at the same time you are trying to enjoy the music. It’s not a party where people will mill around and talk while some live music happens in a corner. This is a first class music experience where you will get closer to the artist than you ever could in a public venue.
Can I bring my kid, dog, parrot or mother in law? Generally this is up to the host, but bear in mind that this is a concert where people come to enjoy the music undisturbed by noises that might occur in a public venue, so if your mother in law cannot sit still and be quiet as the artist is performing, maybe it’s best to leave her at home. Also remember to reserve a seat for anyone big enough to need one.
Are all the shows on the tour house concerts? No, but they all share the intimate feeling.
I’m very excited to see you, and celebrate the wonder of music with you.