Christmas single and Winter Concerts

As usual I’m releasing a original Christmas single in December. I’m just putting the final touches on it and hope to have it out as early as next week, if I don’t crash my car on the Autobahn from Hamburg to Berlin this weekend (I have no winter tires, yikes).

A Berlin Christmas Tale by Sofia Talvik
A Berlin Christmas Tale by Sofia Talvik


As usual I’m blessed with having amazingly talented friends who help me out. My boys in Sweden has added their magic to the song with drums, bass and electric guitars and I’m especially thrilled about the great artwork for the cover made by artist Erika Moeld. 

I’m not doing any Christmas Concerts but I am doing a bunch of Winter Concerts this year. That means I will play some of my Christmas songs, including the new one, mixed up with my “all seasons songs”. You can catch me here:

1/12 Berlin, Pêle Mêle
4/12 Berlin, Intersoup (with Oliver Hasse)
13/12 Berlin, Kugelbahn Wedding 
20/12 Mainz, Annabatterie
21/12 Aachen, Café & Bar Zuhause
22/12 Grevenbroich, The Barrensteiner Whiskey Bar (the late gig is already sold out, so we also added an early set)

go to my Gig Page HERE to get your tickets and additional address information etc. 
Happy Holidyas!