Center of the Universe Tour – USA

Time is flying and soon I will be flying too, all the way to the USA to play for you guys. I have 50+ shows coming up all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast and some more. I am guessing it will be very hot the first month or so, touring in Lil’Chief, so if you are along the way and have a place where we can plug in for the night let me know.

I will be playing a bunch of new songs on the shows.. (I have a new album coming out this Fall) and of course some oldie goldies too.

Times are not quite back to usual after the pandemic, and we are still struggling with enticing people to leave the comfort of their home for the excitement of the concert hall, so please if you plan to come, buy your tickets in advance, and tell your friends about the show!

You can find all the upcoming shows here: