Center of the Universe is released

First of all a huge thank you to all of you who pre-ordered the album and the deluxe package with the Mini Documentary. We are working like crazy to get it ready and out for you. Until then, I hope you enjoy the album. All the albums that were ordered to U.S addresses has been shipped and should reach you soon if they haven’t already. All albums to European addresses will be sent early November when I am back in Europe after my tour. Why you might ask? Well it costs $20 to send one CD to Europe from the USA, and all sorts of customs declarations must be filled out to send it. Even if I could do all of that there is still a big risk that the album will go missing on the way, or get stuck in customs with extra charges for you to release it. So, that is why you’ll get it later, but as we say in Sweden – The one who waits for something good never waits too long.

A huge thank you also to all the people who have been working on the album, Peyton, Drake, Janne and Joakim for playing, Jonas and Hans for working the sound bits making it all come together.

If you haven’t bought the album yet you can do it here: You can also listen to it on all streaming platforms.

I am also happy to release a music video for the title track – Center of the Universe. Watch it here: